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Safety and well-being on Thereafter

Thereafter is an open storytelling platform. That means anybody can suggest what happens next in the ongoing story, and anybody who visits can see their contribution.

This is the website’s foundation, and we think it’s pretty great. However, having an open platform means we need safeguards to protect the community that uses it.

How we protect visitors to Thereafter

There are some things that you can’t submit as part of a suggestion on Thereafter. These are things that we have decided will either harm visitors to the website, or could potentially aid discrimination of website users of a particular group.

Words which are used to cause offence or discriminate against a particular group based on their ethnicity, religious belief, disability, sexuality, or gender, cannot be submitted as part of a suggestion on this website.

How are the rules applied?

When these words are submitted as part of a story suggestion on Thereafter, the suggested will automatically be blocked. These words will have to be removed to submit the suggestion.

Have a question?

We welcome any questions you may have about these rules or any other aspect of the website at

By Dan Cody

Dan Cody is the creator of Thereafter. He works as a journalist, editing online content for the London Evening Standard.

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