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How to use Thereafter

Welcome to Thereafter! This is a collaborative storytelling platform with an ever-evolving story.

Whether you’re here to submit your writing or to follow along as the plot unfolds, you’re in for a treat!

Here’s how to get involved:

How It Works

1. The Story Cycle 🕰️

We recommend that you begin your journey by reading the story so far. As the story is ever-changing, there’s always something new to discover.

Each week, a new part is automatically added to the ongoing story from writers’ submissions. This cycle is the heartbeat of Thereafter, with each week bringing the opportunity for writers to add their vision to the tale.

2. Contribute Your Vision ✍🏻

Feeling inspired? Fantastic! Navigate to the writing page and submit your idea for the next part of the story. Whether it’s a dramatic twist, a deep dive into the psyche, or an abstract concept, your suggestion will be shown for others to enjoy.

3. Vote for what happens next 🗳️

As submissions roll in, the voting phase begins. This is where you and the community decide which contribution best suits the next chapter of our story. Cast your vote and be a part of shaping the narrative’s direction.

4. A New Week, A New Read 📖

With the close of each voting period, the suggestion with the most votes is added to the story. And just like that, the cycle begins again—read, imagine, submit, and vote.

5. Sharing the story 📢

As well as being added to the story, the writing chosen by our community will also be shared on our social media pages.

Click here to read the ongoing story.

By Dan Cody

Dan Cody is the creator of Thereafter. He works as a journalist, editing online content for the London Evening Standard.

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