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Creating an author profile on Thereafter

This is how your author profile appears.

On Thereafter, you can easily create a profile with your free account. You can tell visitors about yourself, your work in progress, and include your social media links. Your profile is shown whenever you submit a new story part. Here is how to make the most of your profile: Register your account If you haven’t… Continue reading Creating an author profile on Thereafter

How to use Thereafter

Welcome to Thereafter! This is a collaborative storytelling platform with an ever-evolving story. Whether you’re here to submit your writing or to follow along as the plot unfolds, you’re in for a treat! Here’s how to get involved: How It Works 1. The Story Cycle 🕰️ We recommend that you begin your journey by reading… Continue reading How to use Thereafter

Welcome to Thereafter

This is a storytelling website. Thereafter is a collaborative storytelling experiment that began in 2024. On this website, anybody can submit suggestions for the next ‘part’ of an ongoing story. Each suggestion is then voted on, and the most popular suggestion becomes the next part of the story. In this way, users of Thereafter create a collaborative story that… Continue reading Welcome to Thereafter

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