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My name is Adeline, and I’m passionately pursuing my dream of becoming a published author. While I was born in Australia, my roots trace back to Sicily, and I dream of immersing myself in its culture one day. Currently, I'm pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in creative and professional writing, juggling the joys of motherhood with raising my two-year-old twin boys, all while working on not just one, but two captivating novels. Beyond writing, I find joy in the magical world of Disney, the immersive escape of books, the excitement of gaming on PlayStation, and the creativity that comes with cooking up delicious meals.

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Submitted on May 17, 2024 at 2:39 am

My breath hitches, jagged and erratic, as my body seizes in a timeless embrace of agony. Each passing moment amplifies the torment, a relentless onslaught stripping away the layers of my existence. With each peel of skin, my memories blur and fade, melting into the ether as I am swept away on a tide of light.

Submitted on May 7, 2024 at 3:40 am

With my eyes clamped shut, I gasp for breath as my body convulses violently. A soothing warmth caresses my skin, contrasting with the chaos engulfing me, as if a gentle hand tries to comfort amidst a tempest. Amidst the swirling debris, I feel weightless, untethered from the relentless pull of gravity.

My limbs twist and contort in the air, a dance of agony amidst the swirling fragments that gnaw at my flesh like voracious beasts. Each bite sends a surge of pain coursing through me, painting the scene with hues of torment.

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