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Story part suggestions by mrskoz

Submitted on May 6, 2024 at 4:33 pm

this could’nt be real, this couldn’t be happening, it can’t be happening my mind screamed at me, this must be a nightmare, wake up, wake up! my mind shouted…but as much as i screamed I realised this was real, this was happening. my eyes unable to focus on anything, still imprinted with the yellow light, i blinked and blinked and scrabbled my hands wildly around the floor, please, something, anything that can help me recognise something familiar, i’m blind !, i can’t see, oh god…then silence. The rushing air stopped abruptly, i was in the same place, and slowly my eyes started to return to normal vision – thank god, i can still see. That relief was immediately halted by the reality of what had just happened – my heart was pounding in my chest, breath coming in loud gasps and i was dripping with sweat. I looked around, terrified by what i thought i might see, but everyone looked just the same as before. Someone started whimpering in the gloom, others started coughing, someone was praying…’ no one spoke.
‘can, can everyone hear me?’ i asked. my voice sounded loud and harsh in the silence.
‘yes, i can hear you’ someone murmured
‘i can’ another voice, then another
Then we say in silence again for what seemed like minutes…
Eventually someone said ‘has there been a bomb do you think?
We would come to wish that there had been a bomb…

Submitted on April 5, 2024 at 6:46 pm

Time stood still. The Universe held it’s breath. Grief was waiting, death had come and had laid the eternal hand of oblivion on him. Grief had to follow death -that was the way of things. Birth,joy, life followed by slow decay, death and grief – the endless repetition. But as Grief stood and waited, infinitely patient, the empty eyes staring at her to take it’s hand and begin the journey she couldn’t move. She didn’t want to follow Grief, the depleted stars could wait, everything and everyone could wait because she wasn’t ready to follow…

Submitted on March 26, 2024 at 4:59 pm

after all these years. Years of silence, their withering disapproval emanating across the years and gathering intensity. So now they were here, the two of them standing in the doorway of Grandma and Pops neat as a pin council house looking awkward and uncertain but with chins lifted as if to say ‘go on, say it’. You could cut the atmosphere which had started out as wistful and quietly sad and which was now hovering between malevolent and embarassed, with a laser. Conversations taking place between the mourners stopped as heads turned and pennies dropped as to who had arrived.
Someone coughed. Someone else muttered ‘Christ!’
Grandma stood stock still, clutching the teapot to her heart with her liver spotted hands.
‘Oh!’ she said in a small voice ‘I didn’t…..’ the rest was interrupted by Diane’s voice raised in anger and bitterness
‘Of all the days, of all the bloody month of sundays days you show up NOW, today! You’ve got some nerve!’

‘Come on Di not here love eh, not now?’ Uncle Geoff trying to be the appeaser as always, mainly for a quiet life as Patricia ‘had form’ when it came to expressing herself (and the opinions of others who were too lily livered to say it themselves or so she said)

‘No Geoff, let her have her say. This is just the day to do it’ said Adam who was staring at the pair still in the doorway daring them to put a foot over the threshold.

‘Look, we didn’t come here for a fight, we came to….’ –

‘So what the hell did you come for then eh?, to gloat? to ‘make amends’ – Diane raising both her hands with the classic two fingers ‘speech’ marks. ‘my God you really take the bloody biscuit!’ she continued, looking around the room hoping to garner some support from the assembled mourners. Diane drew in more breath to continue unleashing years of pent up hostility…

‘Be quiet Diane, just shut up for once and be quiet for the love of God’ – said Grandma in a quiet, authoritative voice.

The room collectively held its breath. No one moved. Diane’s face grew puce, her eyes wide with indignation. She looked towards Geoff to provide some sort of moral support or husbandly intervention – none was forthcoming.

‘come in’ said Grandma
‘come in and i’ll put the kettle on. There’s lots to talk about don’t you think?….

Submitted on March 18, 2024 at 3:38 pm

Curiosity from the residents. These arrivals looked the same as them but also not quite like them. There was ‘something’, just not quite ‘right’ about them but they couldn’t quite put their collective fingers on what exactly it was that made them feel ever so slightly wary. The curiosity only increased after a few days….

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